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Authors & Insights is a series of in-depth conversations with some of today’s most compelling authors and thinkers exploring the issues that matter most in our world.¬†Conversations take place at the Johns Hopkins University Bloomberg Center.

Recent event

On June 3, New York Times opinion columnist Carlos Lozada discussed his new book, The Washington Book: How to Read Politics and Politicians, with Ashley Parker, senior national political correspondent for The Washington Post.

Past events

Katie Rogers and Anita McBride
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Katie Rogers and Anita McBride on the evolution of the role of the first lady

New York Times White House correspondent Katie Rogers discussed her new book, American Woman: The Transformation of the Modern First Lady, from Hillary Clinton to Jill Biden, with Anita McBride, author of Remember the First Ladies, chief of staff to former First Lady Laura Bush, and director of the First Ladies Initiative at American University / April 16, 2024

David Leonhardt sits in a chair on stage and addresses an audience
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David Leonhardt on the decline of the American dream

In conversation with JHU President Ron Daniels, Pulitzer Prize-winning New York Times journalist and author David Leonhardt spoke about his new book, Ours Was the Shining Future: The Story of the American Dream, and explored how a sharp drop in economic mobility and other factors are preventing many Americans from prospering / Nov. 8, 2023