Mission & Vision

Johns Hopkins University has built a new permanent home in Washington, D.C., to deepen its commitment to delivering evidence-based research to fuel discovery, democracy, and global dialogue. Building on Johns Hopkins’ history as the nation’s first research university, the new facility at 555 Pennsylvania Ave. will serve as a nexus for trusted academic experts, global leaders, policymakers, and students to provide multidisciplinary expertise and objectivity to decision-makers while educating future civic leaders.

Science Forward

Bridging the Worlds of Research & Policy

The Johns Hopkins University brings 150 years of research and discovery to Pennsylvania Avenue, where our expertise and pioneering research will inform evidence-based policymaking worldwide. We are committed to strengthening global democracy through discovery, education, dialogue, and public service.

A Unified Academic Vision

Educating & Training Future Leaders

By offering world-class academic experiences grounded in real-time collaboration, discovery, and the principles of democracy, we cultivate the skills our students need to lead communities, corporations, countries, and each other.

Versatile Facilities

A Convening Space Serving Students, Researchers, and Policymakers

State-of-the-art facilities offer dynamic learning experiences and adapt to emerging disciplines. Configurable spaces mean we can explore creative ways to gather and exchange ideas—with each other and the public.

One University

Expanding the Impact of Our Renowned Research and Education

Uniting our nine academic programs at the Johns Hopkins University building at 555 Pennsylvania Ave. begins a new chapter in our legacy of profound collaboration and path-breaking research. Sharing common space inspires creativity and energizes approaches to apply our integrated expertise to the biggest challenges.

Transcending Academics

Collaborative Solutions to Global Challenges and Opportunities for Innovation

Johns Hopkins in D.C. is a model for how we can work together to understand the complexity of our world and advance societies around the globe. It’s where policymakers, newsmakers, and leaders collaborate with our faculty and students on evidence-based solutions to pressing global challenges and opportunities for innovation.

Capital Location

The Epicenter of the Nation’s Corridor of Power

In a location steeped in America’s history, linking all three branches of the federal government, our students, faculty, and alumni are surrounded by the people and opportunities that can transform their knowledge into impact. This iconic location positions Johns Hopkins as a convener, a conversation starter, and a hub for collaboration.

Johns Hopkins By the numbers

  • $3.1B

    Value of federal research grants to Johns Hopkins.

  • 43

    Years in a row that Johns Hopkins has ranked No. 1 in higher education research spending, according to National Science Foundation.

  • 29

    Nobel Prizes to people with Johns Hopkins connection.

  • 3,692

    Active patents (FY2022) that could become lifesaving medical devices and therapeutic treatments.

  • $32M

    Licensing revenue generated in FY2022 by Johns Hopkins inventions.

  • $12B

    Johns Hopkins’ economic impact on Maryland.

  • $6.2B

    Johns Hopkins’ economic impact on Baltimore.

  • 120

    Number of countries where Johns Hopkins researchers are working.

  • 600

    Annual peer-reviewed publications in journals such as JAMA, New England Journal of Medicine and more.